1. Thanks for the article on reasons to learn Latin. I also grew up and remain a practicing Catholic. I am now nearly 70 years old. I took 3 years of Latin at Central Catholic HS in Pittsburgh, PA. I am a “product” of 16 years of Catholic education, St Kieran Elementary, Central Catholic HS, and the University of Notre Dame. I was an altar boy in grade school and studied Latin in order to participate in Catholic services. Recently I just completed Latin 101 and 102 level courses at the University of Richmond and am currently undertaking Latin 201. I applaud your endeavors in Latin. Please keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Marcus, that’s great that you have returned to your Latin studies! I know many people who started learning Latin because of their faith. It is so rewarding when you can go to church and understand Latin phrases. Thanks for commenting, and good luck with Latin!

  2. Great article Livia. Fellow Roman Catholic here who regularly attends the Traditional Latin Mass, and I began learning Latin earlier this year from a church friend who is well-versed in Latin (as well as the other Romance languages). I decided to learn it so that I could grasp what was being said during Mass (especially the Epistle and GospeL) without having to refer to the English translations. And yes, it’s so satisfying when you’re able to translate an entire Latin passage into English. Continue to spread the love and wonders of Latin!

    1. Hi Terence, I’m so glad you enjoyed the article, and that is excellent that you are now able to translate and understand Latin passages! I expect that your Latin will continue to improve rapidly since you are attending the Traditional Latin Mass. It can be hard to find consistent sources of Latin in the modern world, but the Mass is one of them!

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