1. Thank you!! This is incredible – I feel like I understand one of my adult children so much better after reading this! She is a classicist who thinks and breathes and lives for all things ancient – the languages, the culture, and anything else she can learn. I cannot wait to read more.

    1. I am so glad that you enjoyed the article, Mom of a Classicist! I hope this has given you ideas for some conversations with your daughter!

  2. What a fascinating summation of something a lot of people have little knowledge about. Thank you, Livia, for explaining this so succinctly. I’ve only just found your blog and will continue to explore it thoroughly.
    I don’t have a social media profile of any kind since I deleted myself from Facebook and have never done any of those other platforms, but I teach online classes on how to write your memoirs, and I’ll be sure to use this blog of yours as a resource (if you don’t mind).

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Fran! I am glad you enjoyed the post and I would be honored if you used my blog as a resource. Your class on writing memoirs sounds fascinating!

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