1. Ron Koprowski says:

    Clear and concise – love your style. Your topics are great for coming back to basics and the value of mastering them.
    11 of us are in a great Latin class at our OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) at Furman University. The class is currently translating and discussing Pliny’s and Trajan’s letters. Young Pliny is a master at confusing modern readers with bizarre word order and complex grammar.
    Your emails anchor my grammar foundations before I take on Young Pliny.

    1. Hi Ron, I am glad to hear that my posts are helping you out with Pliny. Your class sounds like a lot of fun! I read Pliny’s letter on the eruption of Vesuvius with my Latin students a few years ago and we enjoyed it immensely 🙂

  2. I LOVE the way you explain things and am so grateful. I was really confused by this sentence in Familia Romana: “Pueri saccos plenos QUI a servis portantur vident et interrogant” and you cleared it up for me. Thanks!

    1. Hi Meggan, I’m glad my post helped you out with this sentence. Understanding which case of the relative pronoun is used – and why – is tricky at first, but it sounds like you are making good progress!

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